Stockport Food & Drink Festival

Yesterday I stopped by the Stockport Food and Drink festival. This blog has taken something of a backseat recently and I decided the food festival would be a great way to get back into blogging and rediscover my love of writing. Plus, the festival was right on my doorstep so I had no excuse for not getting myself out there.

The Stockport Food and Drink Festival is a three day event from Friday 6th – Sunday 8th September. It’s Stockport’s first ever food and drink festival and I was keen to see how it faired compared to many of the other’s I’ve been to.

Sunday Brunch’s Simon Rimmer

The highlight of the festival was watching a cookery demonstration from Sunday Brunch’s Simon Rimmer onstage in Mersey Square. He cooked gnocchi and made the demonstration both engaging and mouth-watering.

MasterChef 2015 winner Simon Wood

This was followed by a demonstration by 2015 Masterchef winner Simon Wood who own restaurant Woods on First Street in Manchester city centre. He also chose to cook a mushroom pasta dish which unfortunately I didn’t have time to stay for.

New York cheesecake

There were traders extending all the way from Merseyway right up to the Market Place. The traders offered everything from wood fired pizzas, cheeses, Greek Souvlaki, New York cheesecakes, warm cookie dough to Continental meats, olives, macaroons, Chinese rice and noodle dishes and exotic gourmet burgers, .

French breads on offer

The French breads, tarts and pastries which were the highlight for me. I went for their 3 for £5.00 offer and bought a French baguette, a cheese loaf and one of the apply tarts, all of which I’ve now tried and all I can confirm were fresh and delicious.

This seemed to be a very popular stand because by the time I came back a few hours later, they appeared to have all but sold out.

Another trader that seemed to be doing particularly well was the cheese toastie stand. Being practically a cheese addict there was no way I was passing this one without stopping.

Grilled cheese toastie trader

I opted for one called ‘Ham About Town’ which consisted of ham, mozzarella, an onion chutney and mustard and I can confirm that I polished off every mouthful.

Ham About Town toastie

My friend went for the veggie option. This included goats cheese, spinach, grilled peppers and caramlised onions. For research purposes I also tried some of theirs and this was equally as good as mine.

Vegie toastie

You’d think by this point that I’d be fed up of food but no, I couldn’t leave without tasting one of my all-time favourite street food snacks, and that’s churros. I kept it relatively simple and opted for just Nutella sauce but there were a wealth of options from strawberries to Daim bar, marshmallows and everything in between.

Churros proved a crowd pleaser

The whole festival had a great atmosphere and I was pleased to see just how busy it was, especially since this is it’s first year. I think the good weather helped on the day but based on the crowds there, I’m certain we’ll see another one next year.

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