B&M – my go-to shop for home bargains (other than Home Bargains)

vintage clock
Large vintage-style clock – B&M

In my opinion, the likes of Home Bargain and B&M have really stepped up their game on the home decor front. No longer are they just your bog-standard budget buy shops but instead they seem to be really on the ball when it comes to trends on the high street and genuine bargain buys for home basics.

For example,  today I thought I’d browse B&M on my lunch break as I’m keen to find some storage for our en-suite bathroom. At the moment it looks cluttered and because it’s such a small space, I need to be extra savvy about what I put in there. I make the amateur mistake of not measuring the space properly before I went and bought a cabinet, it ended up taking up too much space and had to go in the main bathroom because it wouldn’t fit (damn you skirting boards I didn’t take you into account!).

So I was pleasantly surprised when I found lots of great bargain buys on everything from furniture to bathroom accessories.

I know you wouldn’t necessary think of B&M when you’re thinking of furniture but trust me if you’re on a  budget and you’re looking for cheap furniture that looks good then make sure you check out B&M first. Here’s a selection of my favourites:

IMG_french style furniture
3 Drawer Evelyn Chest

At only £24.99 I doubt you’d find anything this pretty at this price anywhere else (except perhaps a charity shop). This would be really good for either storing towels or for your cosmetics in the bathroom. It’s a little too big for the space I have but I’m considering getting this for the spare room or storage cupboard to keep all the towels in.

These are a little more at £34.99 but still cheaper than the equivalent on the High Street. I love the heart-shaped detail on all of these.

6 drawer chest unit 6 Drawer Chest Unit

It’s a little hard to tell from the image but each row of drawers are a slightly different colour. I ;love the pail shades and I was seriously tempted by this I just wondered if the drawers themselves would be big enough for all the junk I’d need to put in them. It’s £39.99 as you can see I think it would look good in either the hallway, as they show it or in a child’s bedroom.

Bedside table Holly 3 Drawer Chest Unit

I was planning on getting two white bedside tables until I saw these lovely tables and I’m seriously thinking of changing my mind. Not only do they look really study but I’m wondering if a little bit of wood might break up all the white I’ve got going on in the flat. They are a steal at only £24.99 especially when you consider that most people would need to buy two of them for either side of the bed, which is where bedside tables can usually work out quite expensive.

4 drawer unit bathroom
4 Drawer Polar Bathroom Unit

What I love about these is that they’re already assembled. I know that is a very lazy thing to say but let me tell you I’ve put so much flat-pack together, and by me, I mean my boyfriend’s dad, that I NEVER want to see a flat-pack again in my life. Oh, and they’re only £24.99 so as well as not having to put them together they’re seriously cheap for what they say is a good, solid, study design.

The whole point of going into B&M, other than to kill time on my lunch break, was to find storage for my en-suite bathroom and folks, I think I might be on my way. Below are some of the items I planning on going back to pick up.

bathroom storage Bathroom storage baskets

These will be absolutely fantastic for all my makeup. I can’t remember how much these are but I know they weren’t very much. I can display them and grab them quickly without knocking everything over as I’m currently doing every morning. The makeup I use everyday can go in the top basket followed by the ones I use less often or never further down. (Hopefully the boyfriend isn’t reading this as he thinks I use them all otherwise he’d ask why I haven’t thrown them away). Anyway, moving on…

Chrome suction basket Chrome Suction Bask

These little beauts will be going inside the shower. They’re on the special buy at £2.99 so are worth grabbing before the special buy ends. At the moment there isn’t anywhere to put my toiletries whilst I’m in the shower other than on the floor and it’s such a pain bending down to pick each one up (I know it’s a first world problem, but still a pain).
shelf organiser Makeup organiser

I’m not sure how much I’d use this if I go for the storage baskets but if you have all your toiletries currently on a shelf then this looks like a really good way of organising your makeup and getting down off shelves easily and at only £1.99 it’s a little buy.

The rest
Now for all the rest; these were the items that caught my item and which I thought were great for the price.

washingup-brushes.jpg Flower Dish Brushes

How fun are these? If you have little ones, or even big ones for that matter who you want to encourage to help with the washing-up then these are so funky. They’re part of the Special Buys at the moment and are priced at £2.99 so a little more expensive than your usual washing up brush but much more colourful and fun.

clock Large Station Clock
vintage clock Large Station Clock

What’s not to love about these vintage-style large station clocks. They’re £12.99 and would look really good in the hallway, especially if you are going for the vintage look.

colour clocks Retro Colour Clocks

Like the dishwasher brushes these are fun and retro and as a former English Language teacher, I love the children’s clock with how to tell the time around the outside. Not only would this be great for Primary school teachers and parents trying to teach their children how to tell the time but it would also be good for people learning to tell the time in English. Both styles were £5.99 and came in different colours.

floating shelves 3 Floating Shelves

Only yesterday I bought some floating shelves that were a little cheaper than this is Home Bargains however they weren’t cubes, just ordinary shelves so I might have a think about where I could put these. In my opinion they’d look really lovely in a child’s bedroom.

russell hobbs cutlery Russell Hobbs Cutlery Set

Lastly and a little boring I know but I saw these Russell Hobbs cutlery sets for £16.99 and thought they were worth sharing.

I can’t guarantee that all of these items will be in your local B&M but I’d be very surprised if the vast majority weren’t.

These were just a small selection of some of the special buys and lovely pieces I saw during my visit, there were many more I didn’t have time to take pictures of. If you’ve been recently and have picked up any great items from B&M then do let me know or if you plan on going again, let me know which of my selection is your favourite.

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