HOME DECOR: High Street Homewares – Sainsbury’s Smashes It

Sainsbury’s Home Collections

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could deck our entire homes out in Rocket St George or some other equally stylish but expensive designer home brand? But the reality for most of us is that whilst we may be able to afford the odd pricy piece here and there, the majority of home decor is usually found somewhere on the high street. I happen to think that the British high street has some wonderful finds when it comes to homewares and if you’re on a budget, you can’t go far wrong. I’m sure we’d all love to own one of a kind pieces, whether that’s bespoke or customised by up-cycling etc. but we lead busy lives and the high street is both convenient and affordable. 

So, as part of my series hunting down homewares on a budget from the high street, I’ve already selected some of my favourites from Wilkos, which you can read here and B&M, with a link to the article here. Today, I want to discuss Sainsbury. It’s become something of my go-to Supermarket for buying homewares recently mainly because they seem to be absolutely smashing it. 

Below are some of my favourites from across the ranges they currently have in store:

Sainsbury’s Oriental range

First up is their oriental-inspired dining range. The pinks, peaches and blues look stylish and contemporary and I’ve been buying from this range for a while now. I have everything from pasta bowls, to side plates and cups and I mix and match them with my plain white dining set. It was the colours and the brushstroke patterns that really attracted me to their Oriental range which I first picked up around the Chinese New Year celebrations.

I won’t list the prices of all the items shown as they can be seen in most of the pictures. If not I’ve proved a link to their website at the bottom of this post.

Sainsbury’s Bohemian Wanderer range
Above is Sainsbury’s bohemian range which I’ve fallen in love with. If I didn’t already have two cool bags I’d have taken the bohemian wanderer backpack cool bag home with me (bottom row, centre) for only £16.00. 
Also note the little giraffe planter in the top right-hand corner. It’s fabulous and if I still had a conservatory it would be gracing its window sills right now. Sadly I don’t so I’ll limit myself to gazing lovingly at it. For those interested the small ones are £10.00 here.

Sainsbury’s floral meadow range

My favourite range though, as you can probably tell from the number of photos I took, is their Spring floral range. The whole range is full of watercolour images and spring meadow flowers adorning lampshades, candles and cushions such as the Floral print cushion 50×50 which is so pretty and for its size, very reasonable at £14.00. There’s also the wood finish which adds to the countryside feel and would go well with a more rustic look.

Sainsbury’s cushions, throws and watercolour prints
There are more faux flowers and candles than you can shake a stick at. I love the subtle colour palette which can be easily incorporated into your home even if you don’t have the whole country-cottage look going on. How cute are those bird cushions for example?
Cacti galore at Sainsbury’s
Everywhere I look on Instagram I see these yellow planters and for good reason, they’re not only great value but they’re gorgeous. 
There’s also a massive trend at the moment for faux cacti. Here they have them as candles, vases, jewellery holders, you name it!
Who doesn’t love a yellow planter?
How cool are these Sainsburys home black wire laundry baskets? Personally I’d be tempted to use them as tables in the sitting room and stuff all my magazines and blankets below and for only £30.00 I’ve seen similar ones for twice that price. 

Sainsbury’s nautical range

Finally, it’s not Spring/Summer without a nautical range. Like pastels for sprint, ‘or botanicals for summer, nauticals are a good-to trend and with good reason, if it aint broke don’t fix it. The reason I mention it, it because if you’re looking for outdoor dining options, I really would recommend Sainsbury’s over the likes of Tesco, ASDA etc. because they have such a great selection.

As it’s all for outdoor use, many of the items are plastic and I would have liked to have seen some more plastic-free options, perhaps with bamboo, but for these prices that isn’t likely. However, if they’re not just used once but rather reused each summer then I don’t see anything wrong with this.

The only range I’m not massively keen on is the Helsinki collection. I’m not a fan of black in the kitchen. For me it’s a bit of a no, no, especially when used for dining but that’s just a personal preference and I’d whole heartily recommend the Bohemian Wanderer range, their basic Home range, Fiesta, Home Meadow and the Palm House range which I didn’t manage to photograph but can be found by searching their Kitchen range here. The Palm House range was inspired by Kew Gardens and you get a real sense of that with this collection.

On one final note, if you have little ones, keep an eye out for their Home Fiesta teepee tent.

Sainsbury's Home Fiesta Teepee Tent
Image: Sainsbury’s Home Fiesta Tepee tent – £35.00 

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