Restaurant Review: Lunya Manchester

Lunya is one of those places I’d passed hundreds of times of my way to somewhere else, alays thinking how nice it looked but never visiting. Well last weekend I decided to finally see if the food was as good as everyone said.

Lunya is a Spanish and Catalonian tapas restaurant tucked away inside Barton Arcade in Manchester’s city centre. The top floor holds the main eating area and downstairs are the bar and deli areas. 


First impressions

Downstairs was busy when we arrived and it was some time before we were asked to go upstairs where someone would seat us. The restaurant was full with people, who likes ourselves, had been visiting the Christmas markets and were looking for a place to unwind.

Since it was our first visit the waiter talked us through how much we should order, (3 dishes each) and told us that they’d arrived as and when they were ready. We settled on 5 dishes in total with a side order of sourdough bread.

Seabass sliders

The pan fried chorizo arrived with the bread first which meant we were both initials fighting over the chunks of chorizo and dipping our bread in the delicious white wine and fennel seed sauce.

Then all the rest of the dishes arrived at once. There were the seabass sliders, deep fried in beer batter on a mini brioche bun with tartare sauce. The bread did seem to swamp the seabass in size and from all the dishes we ordered, was probably the one I’d be least likely to chose again.

Monte Enebro deep fried
Monte Enebro deep fried

Then there was the deep fried Monte Enebro, a goats cheese drizzled with Alemany orange blossom honey and beetroot crisps. This was a favourite with my fellow diner and as you know, anything with cheese is fine by me. This was very strong and rich tasting so I’d definetly accompany this with something lighter next time.

Crispy chicken with broken tortillas

My absolute favourite of all the dishes, and the one our waiter recommended was the crispy chicken; their signature chicken strips coated in broken tortilla chips with a Catalan dip. I could have eaten a plate full of these alone dunking them in the smoky Catalan dip which was heavenly.

Finally, there was the Albondigas, pork and beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce. These were sumptuous and warming on a cold evening and complemented the rest of the dishes we ordered well. We tried to chose a mixture of meat, fish and veggie options and the great thing is that there’s sill plenty more dishes left to try.

Overall impressions

Whilst it did take us some time to be seated, the quality of the food was great, there was a large range of options to chose from and our waiter was incredibly friendly and helpful. The deli downstairs, whilst a little on the pricey side, is worth a visit, especially if you’re looking to a cook something a little special. I’d certainly be recommending this place and I for one am looking forward to going back for more.

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