Looking for a funny Mother’s Day card? Try ‘You Said It Cards’ (P.S. not suitable for the easily offended)

You Said It Mother’s Day card

Let me introduce you to a fantastic card company I recently discovered online. They’re call You Said It Cards and they’re a print and design company based in Cumbria. What I love about this card company is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. For example, on their website, they add the disclaimer, 

“Please ensure you only give our cards to those who will take them in good humour. We won’t be held responsible for any relationship that ends as a result of our cards so please don’t blame us because you said it!”

So when the lovely people from You Said It Cards asked if I would like to chose a card for Mother’s Day from their selection, of course I said yes!

The card that I chose for my mum reads, ‘Sorry I’m the reason you piss every time you sneeze…Happy Mother’s Day’. The reason why I opted for this one is because my mum has had five fat babies and she always jokes about how she can’t even laugh or sneeze without peeing. So this is the perfect card for her (even though she’s going to hate me for writing this, sorry mum).

Image courteously of You Said It Cards

Other favourites of mine include, ‘mum, thanks for always being there to pick up my shit,’ and ‘sorry for being the reason you drink,’ to, ‘thanks for all the shit haircuts’, because lets face it, we’ve all been subjected to them at some point growing up.

Image courteously of You Said It Cards

Besides Mother’s Day cards, they also offer a great range that includes everything from birthday, divorce/breakup, wedding and new baby cards to gifts as well.

What’s more they’ve offered you guys, my followers 15% off your order. Just add the code ‘bloggerm18’ at the checkout and the discount will be deducted.

If you want to find out more about them social media then take a look at the links below:
Instagram: @yousaiditcards
Website: www.yousaidit.co.uk

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