Eating my way around The Lake District: Hooked Seafood Restaurant

On our second night in the Lake District, we chose to head to a small fish restaurant that had caught our eye earlier on in the day and not far from where we were staying in Windermere. We couldn’t help but laugh at the sign in the window that said ‘fish and chips are not served here!!’
Me before I demolished the whole lot and before the Gin kicked-in
We were given a warm welcome by the opener when we arrived and I ordered a bathtub gin which, I’m not going to lie, did turn my legs to jelly after the first glass. (By the second glass I was anyone’s). 
Since we were in the Lake District we were determined to try as much fresh, locally sourced fish as we could. What we loved about Hooked was that they change their menu daily depending on what’s available which I’m sure it’s the food interesting and fresh. 
There’s nothing fancy or pretensions about Hooked; it is all about the food. You’ve no idea how refreshing this is. I’ve lost count of the amount of restaurants I’ve visited that spend so much time tinkering around with the décor that they lose sight of the most important thing of all and that’s the food. If you get the food right, then everything else will follow and this was certainly the case with this restaurant. You can tell that real care and attention has been paid to the ingredients. It is perhaps for this reason that you do have to book in advance if you want to secure a table. From my experience the place does fill up quickly as it is only a small restaurant. 
Crab and prawn salad
My starter consisted of a crab and prawn salad with dill and sourdough bread. The crab meat was so soft and the both lots of fish tasted fresh and light. It was a simple starter and sometimes the best things are the simplest. 
Cod – I think?
The boyfriend had this, which I thought he said was rarebit with mustard and tomatoes. However, I didn’t get a chance to taste it as it was already long gone before I could tell what it was but it must have been good the same.  
Cod and pancetta
For main course the boyfriend had the cod on a bed of pancetta with leeks, carrots, new potatoes and a celeriac mash. This one I did get to taste and again the fish tasted fresh and just crumbled away when you stuck a fork in it. 
Sea bream
Continuing on with the theme of trying new foods, I settled on the sea bream, a fish I’d never sampled before. This sat on top of a prawn risotto cooked in white wine and accompanied with green pesto. 
Unlike the suet pudding I’d tried for the first time the day before and decided never to eat again, this one I most definitely would order again if it was on a menu. 
For pudding the boyfriend quickly worked his way through their Eton Mess and I had the Crème Brulee with strawberries and raspberries which was a nice twist on the more traditional Crème Brulee. 
Crème Brulee
I should point out that the meal wasn’t cheap. We both had three courses plus alcohol and the bill came in at just over £80 (that’s without tips) so don’t go expecting a cheap night out. Having said that, I’m not exaggerating when I say this was some of the best food I’ve ever eaten so it is well worth the price tag. 
So, if you’re in Windermere or even in the Lake District and you’re looking for somewhere to treat a loved one, then this is the place to come. However, if you’re looking for cheap, pub grub then this won’t be the place for you.
If you like the sound of Hooked then you can find more details here: Hooked Windermere
Hooked Seafood Restaurant
Ellerthwaite Square
LA23 1DP
01539 448443


I also thought I’d give a special shout out to some of the other places we tried during our stay in Windermere. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures but don’t just take my word for it, go give them a try and let me know what you think.  

Rastelli Ristorante-Pizzeria

Unfortunately I was too busy scoffing my face the minute the plates hit the table to take any pictures which is surely the best recommendation you can make of any restaurant’s food. It also seemed particularly popular with the locals, which is always a good sign. 

Mio Mondo at The Coffee Bean

This little café is a great place to stop for a coffee and a milkshake and watch the world go by. It sits on a little corner in the main town centre of Windermere so it’s convenient and affordable.

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  1. No problem hun. I used to be a little scared when it came to trying seafood but since I've been here I think I'm going to be more adventurous.

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