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Wilko’s cut a familiar figure on the UK High Street for their homewares and household goods. I very much think of them as a cheaper alternative to the likes of Debenhams or Next. But it was during my hunt for a Mother’s Day present that I decided to see what new offerings Wilko’s had on the home décor front. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, I just knew I wanted something for my mum’s home and I didn’t have a huge budget this year. 

I was pleasantly surprised by what my local Wilko’s had to offer. It’s by no means a large store and yet I found so many items that wouldn’t have been out of place on the shelves of either Next or Debenhams. 

I decided then to select some of my favourites to show you, a selection I feel caters for a range of styles and tastes. One of those was their jewel-toned offerings. The vibrant blues, greens and purples coupled with gold accents looked opulent and far more expensive than their modest price tags suggest. They remind me a lot of Matthew Williams recent collection for Debenhams. I recently bought one of his duvet sheets from the collection and these items below would fit in well in my bedroom with those sheets.  

The hummingbird print cushion in the top left of the photo is absolutely gorgeous but I’ve been banner from buying anymore cushions by the boyfriend otherwise it would have come home with me. It was £7.00 and you can find it here: Wilko hummingbird cushion

It’s part of their Hypernatural Home Collection so if you’re loving the botanical trend that is all over the High Street at the moment then this collection won’t hurt your purse. 

Jewel tones from Wilko’s Home range
If you prefer your colour palette a little more muted then I’d recommend the greys, pinks and copper/rose gold offerings, a trend that shows no sign of disappearing. Its got a real country cottage feel with a touch of Scandinavia thrown in so if that’s more your style then this will be perfect for you. 
Greys and pinks make a fantastic combination
This is a colour combination I chose for my living room and I was so taken with the pink velvet cushions that I bought them for my sofa. I also loved the throws and this was my particular favourite. How cool are the baubles on around the edge. It’s got a herringbone-style print and is only £8.00 so should keep you warm until summer turns up. 

As you all know I’m a bit of a sucker for faux flowers and plants and Wilko’s had some beauties in jars just like the ones above and below (£6.00).  

Something else that also caught my eye whilst I was in there were the pink flower lights. I couldn’t decide at the time where I would put them if I got them but looking at them now I’m thinking that they’d look really good around the bed frame so I may buy myself those. They are so different from anything else I’ve seen on the High Street in the same price range. They’re an absolute bargain at only £7.00 and I can’t imagine they’ll hang around for long. There’s 10 pink roses on a clear string and are battery operated. You can shop for them here: Wilko pink rose string lights

This post is not sponsored by Wilkos. Views are all my own. 

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