Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Home Decor Budget Friendly Buys from Matalan

I’m sure you’ll all be inundated with Mother’s Day gift guides in the coming weeks and the reason why I’ve decided to create one of my own is two fold. Firstly, I’m on a tight budget and whilst I would love to be able to take my mum away on a Caribbean cruise for a month or buy her Jo Malone’s entire candle collection, it’s not realistic or affordable.

I wanted to create a gift guide for those who want to get their mother’s something lovely with a hefty price tag. Secondly, the reason why gift guides are so popular is being their so damn useful. I never know what to buy my mum for mother’s day and I have the added headache of mother’s day being so close to her birthday, so double the headache. I don’t know whether you guys have a similar problem, but whenever I ask my mum what she wants for Christmas, Mother’s Day or her birthday, I always get the same response. “You really don’t have to get me anything.” I love my mum dearly but I really want to scream at her when she says this because there’s no way I’m not going to buy her anything.

So I thought I’d offer up some budget friendly buys for Mother’s Day particularly home décor gifts and I’ve chosen to kick off my Mother’s Day gift guide on a budget, with Matalan. It has been years since I’ve shopped in Matalan and there’s been a lot of talk about their homeware section having really upped its game and this certainly seemed to be the case when I popped into my local Matalan here in Manchester.

Not only did they have the latest trends on display but they also stocked classic, timeless pieces. What I found really exciting was how affordable everything was so much so that my boyfriend had to stop me from buying up half the store.

Here is guide to some of my favourites:

If like my mum, yours is green fingered and loves gardening then check out Matalan’s botanical collection. It’s on trend and they’ve got everything from lanterns, solar lights, wooden plant holders, to blankets and cushions for outdoors. I loved the gold metal planters so much I bought one for myself and at only £12.00 beats similar ones I’ve seen elsewhere. They come in two sizes, the small is (30cm x 22cm x 22cm) and the larger one is £15.00 and measures (38cm x 28cm x 28cm).

Next up are these super cute cushions. These would make a really lovely gift especially those that say, ‘only the best mums get promoted to nan,’ which I think would be lovely for someone’s gran from their grandchildren.

Other trends on offer include the Nomad/Folksy look in greys, blacks and browns in wood and with tribal prints.

Personally, I lean more towards what they’re calling the ‘retreat’ trend, that mixes pinks, greys and pastel tones with copper accents. These can be seen below:

Or perhaps you’re looking for something that bucks the trends and is much simpler. In which case Matalan has a basics range.

Faux flowers and plants were a massive trend last season and with spring approaching I can’t see any sign of this waning. Matalan has a selection of both flowers and plants in an array of pots, planters and containers. 

You do need a Matalan card to purchase goods but these are easy enough to get. You can sign up for one online and I’ll post the link at the bottom of this article if you’re interested.

Matalan Homeware / Matalan Card

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