My Little Drinks Corner: A Work In Progress

IMG_drinks corner
My little drinks corner – still a work in progress

Ever since I bought my copper wine rack I’ve been keen to create a little drinks corner but because of my recent house move, the whole idea fell by the wayside. Now that the new flat is starting to take shape I’m keen to revive my little drinks corner idea. So when over Christmas I was gifted a few nice bottles of alcohol as well as treating myself to a bottle of Chambord (which I had in a cocktail and loved a while back), my drinks corner started look less sober and more pre-girl’s night out.

Also, since I no longer have a coffee table I’ve taken the rose gold tray that once held all my candles and put it to new use to display my tiny alcohol collection. The tray was from Homebird Interiors that have stores in Altrincham (where I picked up this one), Cheadle Hulme and Wilmslow. I love the glass bottom and it looks very glitzy! If you’re interested in checking them out then here’s a link to their website: Homebird Interiors

Then whilst browsing the isles of Home Bargains I came across a snazzy gold plated pineapple cocktail shaker for £5.99 that I thought would look great with the tray and be perfect for making my own cocktails. In a couple of weeks I’m going to a cocktail making class at Cuba de Revolution with some of the ladies I work with so I’m planning on getting in a bit of practise beforehand. All I need now is a good cocktail-making book to get me started. I’m especially partial to a Mojito so if anyone can recommend an idiot-proof book I’d love to hear from you (feel free to commend below). 

I’m hoping to add a few more spirits to my collection and some of my favourites are below but again if there are any particular spirits I should get or any cocktails that you think I might enjoy leave me a message below:

  1. Ciroc – I always just used to opt for Smirnoff until I overheard a woman on a bus I was on recommending this brand of Vodka. I thought I’d see if it really was as great as she said it was and actually it was better. It’s a French brand, which I wouldn’t necessarily associate with Vodka, but this is one of the best out there. They now also do it in a variety of different flavours which I’ve yet to try; anything from vanilla and coconut to amaretto and apple. 
Image result for ceroc vodka
Ciroc Vodka
2. Sailor Jerry – I love rum, any kind of rum spiced, dark, white, I’ll drink any of it but this is one of my favourites (besides the Malibu which is a staple). Again it was recommended to me by a lady I worked with a long time ago who recommend I try something other than Malibu. She was right. 
Image result for sailor jerry
Sailor Jerry Rum
3. Koko Kanu – I know this is yet another rum but after trying it at last year’s Manchester Rum Festival for the first time I haven’t looked back. I don’t know much about it other than it’s a white Jamaican rum that tastes very similar to Malibu with its coconut flavour. If you love Malibu then you’ll love this, I promise. 
Image result for koko kanu
Koko Kanu Rum
4.Tequila  – Lets be honest, it’s not a party without tequila. Much of student days were spent necking this stuff and whilst I don’t pour it down my neck quite as much as I did back then nothing beats a good shot of tequila on a girl’s night out. I’m not fussed about what brand because this may make me sound like a complete heathen but they all taste pretty much the same to me.
Image result for tequila
Sierra Tequila

5. Courvoisier – this is one that my mum use to drink and I’ve developed my love of it from her. It’s a classic and nothing beats it in my book. 
Image result for Courvoisier

6. Disaronno – This Amaretto-tasting liqueur is a firm favourite and for the style conscious I recently saw that they were releasing these in different designs.  This one was designed by Missoni. 
Image result for Disaronno
Disaronno: designed by Missoni
7. Gin – I’m not a massive gin drinker but it seems to be something of a fashionable drink at the moment and if it’s in a cocktail then  I’m sure I could be persuaded to try it in a cocktail. 
    Image result for flavoured gin
    Rhubarb-flavoured Gin

    For the seasoned drinkers out there, before you say it, I know there’s no Whiskey or Scotch on the list and that because I find them far to strong for my taste and would rather substitute it for a Vodka or Rum based cocktail.

    On a side note whilst I was browsing in B&M yesterday I came across this Vodka. It’s by Echo Falls who are more well-known for their wines and it’s a summer berry-flavoured Vodka. They’re selling them at £13.99 70cl and I’d be interested to see if anyone else has seen or tried these. I was thinking they would be great in cocktails or for the summer.

    Echo Falls Vodka from B&M Stores

    Also it should go without saying that you should always drink responsibly!

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