CAFE REVIEW: Armenique in Gatley

Armenique cafe and deli
Armenique café and deli
Ever tried Armenian food? Me neither so I was excited when I heard about a small Armenian cafe set in the small suburb of Gatley in Greater Manchester. I’d passed the cafe a few times but always assumed it was a health-food shop and dismissed it until I happened to be in Gatley having pictures framed and decided to stop in on my way home.
Armenique’s menu

Armenique is a family run business. The was easy to see the minute I walked through the door and was greeted by the owner. The café is simply decked out with cane furniture and there is space to sit outside, perfect for lazy summer afternoons.  

The menu covers breakfast and lunch items as well as a takeaway option which seemed particularly popular especially since customers were treated to a complimentary glass of fresh orange juice whilst they waited. 

The menu is competitively priced and there are gluten free options. All of the food is made on-site and Armenique bakes it own bread, croissants and bagels. There is also fresh bread for sale as well as deli items, wines and spirits. (below) 

Armenique’s wines and spirits

The café was quiet on the day we arrived, probably due to the makers market taking place not far away in Cheadle. This meant we were served quickly, not that I would have minded as I was happy drinking excellent coffee and listening to Sinatra and Dean Martin croon away.

Armenique’s deli counter

Gazing over at the deli selection I couldn’t resist trying their Mediterranean salad selection so I chose the 4 plate salad. I selected the potato salad, the carrot salad, the couscous and the Armenian meatballs. Other offerings included Armenian spicy potatoes, Mediterranean Bean salad, the Gazar salad and vine leaves.The meatballs with peas were delicious as was the carrot salad with raisins and the couscous. The potatoes in the potato salad were a little softer then I like mine but that’s a small quibble in what was otherwise a very good tasting plate. It also comes with a bread basket to nibble on.

Armenique Mediterranean salad which comes with a bread basket.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Armenian food but based on what I ate and saw at Armenique it wasn’t too different from the kinds of Mediterranean food I’ve tried before, except perhaps for their love of gherkins. 

It’s certainly not something to be afraid of and if Italian and Spanish food is something you enjoy then I doubt you’ll go far wrong with the menu at Armenique

The bagel dreams are made of.

I would also highly recommend the cakes, pastries and smoothies at Armenique. I tried both the Almond Pretzel (I’d never tried a sweet pretzel before) and the Pistachio baklava, both of which were heavenly.

Enjoying the Armenique’s food whilst attempting to look natural in front of the camera 

So if you’d like to pay Armenique a visit, and I’d highly recommend you do, then they can be found at 1C Church Road, Gatley, SK8 4NG.

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