REVIEW: Revolucion de Cuba’s Cocktail Masterclasses

The masterclass was my chance to get behind a bar for the first time: Revolucion de Cuba

Now anyone that knows me knows I love Rum. White, dark, spiced, I’ll drink it all so when Revolucion de Cuba or Rev’s as it’s known, was chosen as the location for our post-Christmas work’s party, (we never had a Christmas party) I didn’t take much convincing. But more than just the rum-allure it was the chance to step behind a bar and learn how to make my own cocktails that really appealed to me.

Sitting amongst the bars and clubs in the popular Deansgate area of Manchester along Peter Street, Revolucion de Cuba, is as you might have guess from the name, a Cuban inspired cocktail bar.  With chains in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Belfast, the list goes on; name a major city in the UK and there’s likely to be a Revolucion de Cuba.

Not long after arriving as a group at Rev’s we were shown downstairs to a curtained off area and our own private room and bar area. Our Catinerous, or Cuban bartenders (from Manchester and Italy respectively) went out their way to ensure that ten sober ladies enjoyed themselves and had a great night.

Our own private room and bar area

They taught us  the history behind some of the most famous cocktails we know and love including the mojito, the daiquiri and the strongest of them all, the Zombie, which they let some of us set fire to.

Then it was our turn to have a go. I’ve never been behind a bar before so this was a new experience for me. I learnt how to make not only the three mentioned above but also the Pornstar Martini, the Miami Vice and Berry Bramble. Having sampled them all, I found myself a new favourite cocktail the Miami Vice, …… But I can honestly say that I haven’t laughed, or drank so much in a long time. 

Berry Bramble cocktail

Whilst this wasn’t one of the cocktails I made myself, we did at the end of the night get to choose any cocktail from the menu and the bartenders would make it for you. I opted for the fruity Berry Bramble, partly because I’ll drink Chambord in anything and partly because I was intrigued by the Velho Barreiro Silver cacha├ža which I was reliably informed was lovely and didn’t disappoint. 

A teapot of Sangria anyone?

If you answered a question correctly you got a shot

Pornstar Rumtini

I’m completely new to Pornstar martini’s but these were given a rum-inspired twist. Again, Bacardi Carta Blanca rum was used with passion fruit, lime and vanilla all topped off with a shot of Prosecco on the side. 

Miami Vice & Strawberry Daiquiri

My two favourites from the night were the two above, the Strawberry Daiquiri which for those that don’t know is made with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum along with strawberry, cranberry, lime and sugar. Not exactly the greatest if you’re on a diet, in fact, the amount of sugar that went into most of these cocktails probably used up my sins for the whole month, it was incredibly refreshing. 
The other was the Miami Vice, a mix of Bacardi Carta Oro rum, coconut, cream and pineapple topped with a Strawberry Daiquiri. All I can say is that it was heavenly.

The classes rang from the Classic masterclass, to the Mostrador that comes with a buffet to one with tapas or the one we opted for which was the masterclass and 2 course meal. 

If I were to do it again I wouldn’t necessarily chose a package that included food because whilst it was very much needed after all the alcohol I consumed, I didn’t feel the full benefits of it and I found the set menu limited. 

Charred halloumi

However,  so as soon as we’d finished sampling the cocktails we were led upstairs for our meals. As a certified cheese-lover I pre-ordered the charred halloumi with roasted vegetables in a chilli glaze for starter. The food came quickly and the starter was lovely although in my mind you can’t go too wrong with halloumi. This was followed by a Cuban burger that was tasty but nothing special and I got the impression from the ladies I went with that they were a little underwhelmed by the food. 

The Cuban burger

After we’d eaten we then headed back downstairs to the Havana Club Room where a live band was playing. There was a vibrant atmosphere and I spent the rest of the evening dancing away to Cuban-inspired tunes. 

Downstairs in Bar Havana Club you can dance the night away to Cuban-inspired tunes

If this sounds like your kind of night out then head over to the Revolucion de Cuba website and see for yourself: Revolucion de Cuba Manchester

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It really was and would definitely do it again. I'd recommend it particularly if you love your rum because you're very well taken care of.

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