An Up-cycling Newbie’s First Project

My first upcycling project – A B&M footstall

I’m an upcycling newbie, I’ll admit it. I’m not overly confident when it comes to DIY and I’ve NEVER upcycled anything in my life. But it’s something that I have always wanted to try but never worked up the courage to do, until now.

My boyfriend told me the other day that I like having ‘projects’ and it’s true. I like to keep myself occupied whether that’s learning a new recipe, trying a new sport or fixing up old and worn furniture.

I decided to start off small with a terracotta plant pot I had that didn’t really fit in with the surrounding decor as you can see from the image below:

Before picture: this is how my shelves/plant pot used to look

For the undercoat I used an all surface quick dry primer in white. It was really inexpensive to buy from B&Q around £5-6.00 for a small 250ml can. It can be used on bare wood, brick and hardboard. I put two coats of the primer on and once both had dried I added the top coat. I opted for Rust-Oleum’s Chalky Finish Furniture paint in Chalk-White. I wanted that country-cottage, rustic look and this was perfect for the job. Again it was only £5.00 from B&Q for a 125ml can. Rust-Oleum also do lovely duck-egg colour which I have my eye on for another project. Again I used two coats but it really only needed one after I’d put on two coats of the primer. 

I had planned on just leaving it white but then found that it looked a little too plain against the white walls and white shelves so I went over the chalk paint with a Wilkos tester pot of emulsion in Pink Harmony which I wasn’t even sure was for furniture etc. but I’ve no complaints with how it turned out as you can see below:

Small pink plant pot

This is how my shelves in the hallway look now

After that little dip of the toe into the upcycling waters I looked around for something a little trickier and decided to attempt a wooden tray I’d been using to display some of my nail varnishes and hand creams in the bathroom. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of what it looked like before but below is the finished article. I used the same paints as the terracotta pot except the pink emulsion. 

Wooden display tray in chalk white
Chalky finish furniture paint and primer

By this point I was starting to feel very pleased with myself and begin the project I had initially started out hoping to do which was to change the colour of the legs on my footstall. Below is what the footstall looked like before and I was quite keen to jazz it up a little.

I used the same paints as before I just ensured this time that I covered the material with a plastic bag and some tape.

Making sure I don’t spill any paint
This is what it now looks like. It’s a subtle change but by doing it, it has helped give me the confidence to tackle much larger projects, like, dare I say it, the shoe rack cupboard in the hallway. Wish me luck!
The finished article, my B&M footstall with a lick of paint

This is how it looks in the living room

If you have any tips for this newbie up-cycler then I would love to hear them. Any advice is always welcome. Also stay tuned for my next upcycling project coming up.

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