Classic sweets of my childhood – bring back retro sweets

Over Christmas I was taken on a trip down memory lane after I received a lovely gift from my Manager at work; a tub of retro sweets. Not only was I impressed by the sheer size and amount of sweets I received but at the knowledge that these sweets were still being made.

The tub consists of:

  • Candy Sticks –  me and my sisters use to have hanging from our mouths pretending they were cigarettes. On the inside they come with superman stickers.
  • Bubble Gum Gob Stoppers – I remember the giant ones that were in my local sweet shop and having competitions to see who could fit the whole thing in their mouth. We all invariably ended up drawling like feral dogs from the corners of our mouths.
  • Refresher Bars 
  • Flying Saucers – see sherbet fountains
  • Refresher Sweet Chews
  • Candy Necklace – I use to eat around these one by one as it was tied round my neck
  • Drumstick – my nephew loves these so I guess you can’t beat a classic
  • Fizzers
  • Parma Violets – I hated these and would always give them to my mum
  • Anglo Bubbly (anyone?)
  • Rainbow Drops – these always tasted stale to me
  • Double Dips – who doesn’t love a double dip?
  • Flumps Twist
  • Wham Bar
  • Love Hearts – I’d get so excited waiting to see what little message would come out next
  • Sherbet Fountains – gosh these were sour
  • Dib Dabs
  • Foam Shrimps
  • Black Jack Chews – I remember them turning my tongue black
  • Swizzels Straw Dust
  • Sherbet Lemons
  • Rhubarb and Custard (heaven!)

I think my Manager also added a few little extras of her own into the mixed retro sweets because the mini chocolate eggs don’t appear on the sweets listed inside, not that I mind.

But it was whilst I was sitting working my way through them whilst catching up on old episodes of McMafia I started to think about what other sweets and treats from my childhood I’d love to see brought back. For starters I just wish the names of some of my favourite sweets had been left as they were. Why change Opal fruits to Starburst? I even remember when Daim bars were called Dime bars.

I can remember one of my mum’s favourites being the Cadburys Chocs. She use to make them last a whole week and I would marvel at her will-power.  I on the other hand use to demolish toffets and I’d love to know if anywhere does still actually make them.

The funny thing is, I’m now to starting to see many of the old favourites, sweets I thought had been long discontinued, making a comeback. Clearly the demand must be there as people love the nostalgia that comes with eating sweets they enjoyed as children.

I’ll throw the same question out to all my readers. What sweets and treats from your childhood would you love to see return and why?