New directions

When I first set out to write this blog in January there were two main areas I wanted to write about, food and home décor. I’d recently moved from one rented place to another and was keen to write about my experience as someone from a generation who may never be able to own their own home. I wanted to write about what it was like living in and attempting to decorate rented accommodation.

As the blog slowly took shape I wrote occasionally about the kinds of places you could shop and the things you could buy on a budget. But once the flat was fully decorated it became a case of, what now?

Alongside this I was also writing restaurant reviews and talking about my love of food as well as chronicling my attempts to cut-down on single use plastics and live in a more eco-friendly way.

Throughout all this there were other things I was itching to write about, but always thought they didn’t fit with this blog. However, they started to creep in anyway; a book review here, a theatre review there until it became clear to me that what I actually wanted to write about was the arts and culture scene (especially in the Northern West of England) as well as food reviews. I began to wonder why, if I was so interested in these areas, I wasn’t writing about them more, especially since the whole point of this blog was as a creative outline now I was no longer teaching.

This is me finally jumping on the Hamilton bandwagon at the Victoria Palace Theatre

As individuals our interests shift as we change and get older so why too shouldn’t the things we write about do the same? With this in mind I will continue writing food reviews and discussing the food scene in the Northern West, particularly Manchester, but I will now focus more heavily on art and culture. If it’s happening in Manchester, I want to try and write about it.

I hope you all continue to enjoy reading this blog and the new direction it’s taking but if art and culture aren’t your thing then perhaps you’ll at least stay around for the food.


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Thanks Hun I'm really looking forward to writing more about the arts and culture scene. It's something I've been interested in for a while.

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