About Me

When I’m at my happiest, on the water.

I’m a thirty-something former English Language Tutor and Lecturer who has moved to Manchester from the Midlands 4 years ago. Knowing very few people in the city I decided to start a blog about my passion for food.

However, I’ve recently decided to take this blog in a new direction as I set about training to become a counsellor. This blog will also feature articles about mental health, counselling, psychology and the link between food and mental wellbeing. I’m a proud feminist and a believer in body positivity and intuitive eating. (Ditch the diets folks!)

When I’m not doing all this I’m fighting sleep apnea and migraines.

I’m open to working with relevant brands and organisations so if you’d like to get in touch then you can contact me at: thecounsellingfoodie@gmail.com

You can also find me on:

Instagram: thecounsellingfoodie

Twitter: @TheCounselling8 

Goodreads: Simmy (The Counselling Foodie)